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What is a laser distance measurer, and how does it work? A Laser distance measurer, also known as laser tape measure, laser distance meter or laser distance measure is the modern world's advanced measuring tape. Forget the old days of dragging measuring tapes across rooms and open spaces just to get a single reading. Before you think I am hating on the conventional tape measures, let me say it, no! Not at all. Conventional distance measuring tools still hold a special classic look and feel to it, and many people still use them. I like them too, but they are very inaccurate over long distances, bulky and heavy - especially the ones used to measure over 100 feet. Furthermore, with the technically advanced world, we now have more accurate and convenient laser distance measurers available in the market.

Laser distance measurer is a small-sized and lightweight electronic gadget. It gives you the distance measurement accuracy up to 1/16th of an inch. These new gadgets are very compact and easy to carry around. All of the laser measuring tools use a digital screen to display the measured distance. They are also installed with auxiliary functions like addition or subtraction of measurements, calculating the area or volume of a measured room and many more. A laser distance measurer is a perfect addition to the toolkit of constructor workers, surveyors, architects, engineers, carpenters, event organizers, and many other professionals.


Basic working principle

Laser distance measurer works on the basic principle of distance traveled by light in a given time. It projects a laser pulse on a solid opaque target object, the pulse then bounces back towards the device which records the time taken for the pulse to travel to-and-back from the target object. Based on these calculations the laser measuring tool then gives you the distance measured.

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How can it be so accurate?

The accuracy of a laser distance measurer comes from the fact that light rays are unbendable in nature, and they travel in perfectly straight lines. When a light pulse is projected out from the laser measuring tool, it travels straight to the target object. Then it bounces off the target and comes back straight to the device. So at any given time, the pulse is just shooting straight right through the air and racing towards the laser distance measurer. Furthermore, with precise time measurements, we then finally get an accurate measured distance reading. On the other hand, in the conventional tape measurement process, the measuring tape goes over uneven surfaces and bends that introduce uncertainty and inaccuracy in the results. When measuring over a long distance, it is important to note that these inaccuracies in the results increase significantly.


Factors to consider when buying the best laser distance measurer

If you have decided to buy a laser distance measurer, following are some of the factors that you need to consider when buying the best laser distance measurer. These factors will give you a good idea of what features to consider when you are looking for a laser distance measuring tool, however, your choice will basically depend on the purpose and usage frequency of the device. Therefore, estimate your usage frequency, range and time before you choose your laser measuring tool.

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  1. Range: The first and the foremost important factor to consider is definitely the range of the laser distance measurer. The higher the range, usually the higher the price. There are devices that work only up to 100 feet, but the best laser distance measurer can work accurately up to 800 feet, which is a very long distance. So ask yourself what is the range of the distances that you would like to measure with your own laser measuring tool, and then make an informed decision. 
  1. Built-in memory: Another important factor to consider is the memory of the laser distance measurer. This feature is helpful when you have to take a lot of readings at the same time, and then for some reason, you want to revisit a previous measurement that you did before. In such a scenario, with a laser measuring tool that has the memory function installed, you can just rewind the readings instead of doing the whole measurement process again. 
  1. Product dimensions: Size and shape of the laser distance measurer are worth considering when buying one. Look for a device with an ergonomic design and a smaller size. It is best if you can get a pocket-sized laser distance measurer so that you can easily carry it around and work with it.
  1. Measurement speed: Will you be using your laser distance measurer for continuously long periods of time? If yes, then time it is of vital importance for you to consider the best laser distance measurer that can measure quickly and give an instant reading on the screen. However, if you are just going to use it for some DIY house projects, you can still work pretty well with a laser distance measurer that takes a few seconds to give you the reading. 
  1. Auxiliary features: It is a good idea to a laser distance measurer that is water-resistant so that rainy weather is not a hindrance in your work. Consider buying a laser distance measurer that is rechargeable and works throughout the whole day on one full charge. You can also look for a laser measuring tool that works with disposable batteries if you have such batteries easily available to you. Another feature you might want to keep in mind is the LCD backlight so that you can work easily even in the dark. These additional features will definitely make for the best laser distance measurer.

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