Tooltoo 1000V Insulated Screwdriver Set Magnetic Electrician Screw Drivers Repair Tool, VDE Certification, Set of 13

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It's a professional tool set that is used in terminal blocks, control cabinets, switches, relays, socket etc. It is especially suitable for electricians to do various types of electrical work or other repair work. No matter you are performing electrical repairs or just daily repairs, this set is a must-have in any handyman or electricians tool box.
Ergonomic handle for the maximum comfort and exceptional torque.
Includes various types of bits to meet different electrical needs.
Contains magnetic tips, conveniently attracts screws.
Insulated design supports withstanding voltage up to 1000V.
Made of chrome vanadium steel, brings the maximum wear resistance.
Plug-pull tip design, easy to install and replace the bits, time-saving and efficient.
Comes with a case, convenient for storage and portable for use.

Withstanding voltage: 1000VAC / 1500VDC
Screwdriver material: chrome vanadium steel
Handle material: PP + TPR
Handle length (about): 10cm/ 3.9in
Screwdriver color: red & black & yellow
Handle color: red & yellow
Case size (about): 21.5* 13* 4.3cm/ 8.5* 5.1* 1.7in
Package weight (about): 790g/ 27.9oz

Voltage Tester
Frequency: 50-500HZ
Operating temperature:-10 Celsius to +50 Celsius
Voltage tester length (about): A 14cm/ 5.5in

Packing List
1* single-pole voltage tester 140mm;1* screwdriver handle; 1* blade(1.2*6.5*100), 1* blade(1*5.5*100), 1* blade(0.8*4*100), 1* blade(0.5*3*100); 1* blade(PH2*100), 1* blade(PH1*80); 1* blade(PZ2*100), 1* blade(PZ1*80); 1* blade(T20*100), 1* blade(T15*100), 1* blade(T10*100); 1* tool case

* The actual color may vary slightly from the online image due to monitor color settings.
* Please allow slight measurement deviation for the data.
* If you want to know more details or have any questions, please look through the detailed page or contact the customer service.

Voltage Tester
1. The visibility of the indication can be impaired by unfavorable lighting conditions(e.g. sunlight), by unfavorable working positions (e.g.on wooden ladders or on insulating floor coverings) or in alternating current circuits, which have not been properly earthed.
2. The voltage tester has to be tested for correct function straight before use.
3. The voltage tester can not be used in damp or wet condition, e.g.dew or rain!
4. Voltage testers with screwdriver blades may only be used for testing voltage, but not for other jobs or works on plant parts under tension!
5. For the damaged voltage testers, the its function and safety are obviously impaired.  They can not be used!

1. Handle and blades are suitable for working on live circuits up to a nominal voltage of 1000VAC, 1500 VDC or components nearby. (Tested according to EN 60900:2012)
2. The tool is suitable for ambient temperatures between -25 Celsius to +50 Celsius.
3. Before each time use, please check that the tool and the insulation sheet are complete and without any damage! When in doubt, ask an expert to verify by hi-pot testing in order to avoid electric shock!