Tooltoo Advanced Distance Meter Distance 230ft,

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Multiple Measuring Ways- Includes area, distance, volume, continuous measurement, addition, subtraction, indirect Pythagorean measurement, accumulation and reduction of volume, wanto electronic level bubble function, delay measurement, release function, angle measurement and computer connect function, a great laser distance meter.
Professional Laser Distance Meter- With high-precision measurement accuracy of 1.5mm±(D*5/100000), effectively achieves measuring range from 0.16ft to 230ft, also has multi-unit selection modes (m/in/ft) and LCD display.
High Visibility- The backlight and color screen efficiently improve the visibility of data.
Widely Used- Accurate and effortless, makes your work become easier, suitable for many areas like home, architecture, industry, house and warehouses, etc.
Lightweight & Portable- With mini size and handheld design, convenient to carry around.