Tooltoo Household Fish Tape Pulling Wireman Wire Threader Cable

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Good Performance- With strong stretchability and bendability, can be freely shuttled in a narrow pipe. Will not break when folded, faster and easier to pull. The low-friction design allows the tape to slide easily through the pipe without being bent at the turn, joint or coupling.

High-quality Spring- Featured by good elasticity and restorability, easy to bend and more durable to use.

Kitted Nylon- Even if bending it for many time, will not break or curl a lot. The PET nylon fish tape has strong traction, good flexibility, anti-aging and high temperature resistance.

Wide Usage- For internal and external electrical wiring, such as socket, plug, lamp, ceiling fan, dimmer, switch, short-circuit installation of electrical box, electrical panel, subwoofer box, switch box, junction box, CPU, circuit breaker box, socket box, transformer, doorbell, walkie-talkie, surveillance camera, DCC, security system, smoke detector, thermostat, electric appliance, hot tub, telephone/internet line or cable TV coaxial cable.

How to Use- Connected the fish tape with one end of a fastener (not included) and fasten the fastener, wind the wire of the fastener into figure eight, then pass the cable through the figure eight, finally push the spring up.